There is rhythm to life and places. Some places it seems easier to sense than others, but most places I’ve been have a definite rhythm, or lack thereof. Having just returned from Hawaii, the contrast of rhythms between LAX and Hawaii seemed glaringly obvious.

One of my goals as of late is to stay in a proper rhythm with Jesus. I have the tendency to either rush ahead of Him in impatience or stay behind Him in apathy. I believe it was C.S. Lewis who once said something to the affect that the present moment is the only place that eternity touches time; the past is frozen and the future has not yet come so the present is where eternity and life touch. This makes sense to me, and so it makes the need to stay in rhythm with Jesus that much more apparent. While on earth Jesus was never in a rush, but He was also steadfast. He was never worried, but also never apathetic. He was the personification of righteousness, yet He was a friend of sinners. He lived in a divine rhythm, understanding that eternity and the present moment share the same place in the analogue of time. 

If I am going to live in the rhythm of Jesus I must learn to live in the present moment. Peter walked on water until his focus shifted from that present moment on the waves with Jesus to the potential uncertainty’s of what would come next. I must learn to walk in stride with the One who walks on water, not shifting my gaze but keeping it fixed on Him in this present moment.