Daniel Hamlin is the author of When Oceans Rise: Scriptural Truths To Anchor The Soul, and In His Presence: Thirty Contemplations from Walking with Jesus. As a sponsored surfer he appeared in numerous publications including Surfer and ESPN.com. He’s written for newspapers, online publications, and a number of surfing magazines. He has been featured in YMI.Today, Today’s Christian Living, Premier Christianity, Liquid Salt Magazine, The Surfer’s Path, DEEP Magazine, Drift Magazine, The Inertia, and The Santa Maria Sun.

Since the release of his first book in 2015 Hamlin has spoken at churches and ministries throughout the U.S., England, Wales, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Ireland.


With a profound love for creation and the Creator, Daniel Hamlin is a surfer and author who has deep insight into the heart of God. He is a unique voice to this generation that is desperately searching for truth and meaning that can only be found in God.”
— Dr. Winfield Bevins, Director of Church Planting Asbury Seminary
As a born influencer of young people, Daniel has an amazing devotional life that translates into his everyday walk as a believer…he has an intrinsic appreciation for the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit.”
— Patrick Sparrow, Senior Pastor Equippers Central Coast