Life and Purpose


Being flawed doesn’t disqualify us from living a life of purpose. We might make mistakes, but God doesn’t. And the very fact that you are alive on this earth proves that you have a divine purpose. But it’s unlikely we will find purpose and fulfillment in life by looking for it on social media or the internet. Chances are we will get anxious and discouraged as we compare our lives to everyone else’s highlight reels. I’m not saying social media or the internet are inherently bad (I obviously use them regularly), but they shouldn’t be our barometer for what is normal or fulfilling in life. 

One of the first lessons Jesus began to teach when He started His earthly ministry was that we have to start thinking differently from the way this world does. The kingdom of God operates in a completely different manner than how the kingdoms of this world do. So it stands to reason that in order to find the fulfillment and purpose God intends for our lives we can’t expect to find it the way popular culture has taught us to. We are constantly being told to strive for wealth and horde whatever resources we attain, to look out for self above everything, to scratch and claw our way to the top. Self-promotion takes the place of healthy ambition, and building our own empire takes the place of encouraging others. 

Jesus said to truly find life in this world we must be willing to lose it. He wasn’t simply referring to martyrdom, He was referring to our ability to remove ourselves off the throne of our own heart. In other words, are we willing to kill narcissism in ourselves? True fulfillment cannot cohabit with narcissism, the two are incompatible. If we live life with the goal of magnifying and promoting self we will find in the end we have pursued a futile endeavor, devoid of the capacity to provide anything resembling purpose and fulfillment.