Hamlin shares with groups around the world and is comfortable in large or small settings. If you are interested in having him speak at your event use the contact form to connect.

"With a profound love for creation and the Creator, Daniel Hamlin is a surfer and author who has deep insight into the heart of God. He is a unique voice to this generation that is desperately searching for truth and meaning that can only be found in God.”

-Dr. Winfield Bevins

Director of Church Planting, Asbury Seminary


"There are certain people in my life that I love to be around because they have spent a lot of time with God. Daniel Hamlin is one of those friends. When Oceans Rise reminds me of the many meaningful conversations we have shared together. It is one thing to know about God, but there is a level of wisdom and insight that comes only from those like Dan who have experienced a long relationship with Jesus Christ."

-Bryan Jennings

Founder and Director of Walking On Water Ministries, Professional Surfer