The Truth Remains / by daniel hamlin

You ever have one of those moments when despite life’s chaos going on around you, there is somehow an overwhelming sense of peace? I had one of those moments yesterday while out surfing a headland left on the coast of Wales. As I sat there the only one surfing this particular wave that day, I had a moment when I was aware that I needed to just stop and take it all in. I looked back to see the drastic, cliff-lined Welsh coastline, sheep on the green hills, stone walls and castles in the distance, intermittent rain showers, new friends in the car park, England’s coastline off in the distance; I was suddenly overcome with the fact that in spite of all the goodness or turmoil I experience, God is greater. The truth remains that God is good regardless of external circumstances. At the heart of this life, the chaos around us, those moments where all is right and those moments when nothing is right, at the heart of it all is God’s sole purpose of simply wanting to walk with us as friends the way He did with Adam and Eve in the garden. It almost seems too simple to be the profound purpose at the heart of existence itself. Yet I’ve become thoroughly convinced it is.

Fast forward a couple days and I’m in a different scene. I’m lying awake in the middle of the night fighting anxiety and the worries of life, which makes me miss home and the comfort of loved ones. I’m reminded of my moment in the water when I was at peace in God’s presence and I wonder why I can be so schizophrenic with the Lord. I wonder how I can trust perfectly in His goodness one day and the next day I can doubt the core of His nature—His loving kindness.

            I’m well aware that it is easy for me to trust His goodness in light of the circumstances I was experiencing along the Welsh coastline. And I know when life is a bit chaotic and I’m uncertain about the future it is much harder to be at peace with it. But my hope and prayer is that I keep the truth that God is always good regardless of my circumstances as my constant reality.