Solitude part 2 / by daniel hamlin

There is something about lighthouses that remind me of solitude. Perhaps it is because most of them are isolated on desolate shorelines. Regardless of the reason, I've still been contemplating solitude lately. 

At first glance solitude might seem as though it’s the same thing as loneliness, but it is not. I believe times of solitude are times when the Lord is trying to remove distractions in our lives to draw us into a deeper relationship with Himself. We all go through seasons of solitude, but they’re not seasons of loneliness. 

When Elijah was experiencing the Lord passing him by on the mountain, it was during a time of solitude. In that instance, Elijah learned to hear the voice of the Lord even when it was spoken in a whisper amidst tremendous chaos around him. Our daily lives often get inundated with noise and demands that make it difficult to hear the gentle whispers of God. If we haven’t taken time to learn His voice in quiet communion with Him it can be doubly hard to discern His voice amidst the hustle and bustle of our modern lifestyle. 

Nothing brings peace to my heart quite like spending some quality time with Jesus.