Rooftop Thoughts / by daniel hamlin

 Photo:  Chris Burkard

I remember when I was 18 I went on my first international trip without my parents. I was in Mexico with a small group of surfers and I remember one particular night quite well. I was on the roof of our house looking at the stars in the night sky. As I stared up at the heavens I began to talk to the Lord. I had been feeling a little alone and anxious on that trip, worrying about being “on my own” in a foreign country for the first time. As I spoke to Him that night I heard Him respond to me. I felt Him say to me, “If I am God, then that means I am God everywhere; not just God when you’re in the comfort of your own home and land. I am God in Mexico and God everywhere else. I am with you wherever you are.” It was a moment I won’t forget. In that dialogue the Lord broadened my horizons, He expanded my borders, He taught me the importance of His authority throughout creation, and He reminded me of my necessity to rely on Him. In an often times chaotic and unpredictable life I take great comfort in knowing that God still cares about each of us, wherever we may find ourselves.