Hope / by daniel hamlin

 Approaching storm front off the coast of Ireland, 2016.

Approaching storm front off the coast of Ireland, 2016.

An excerpt from my devotional, In His Presence, available in the store. 

Day 14

“Though He slay me, I will hope in Him.”

Job 13:15a

The end of a matter is better than its beginning.

Ecclesiastes 7:8a

I believe these two verses go hand in hand, and I can find no better example of this than in the death of Jesus. As the disciples sat bewildered at the death of their Lord, God was working something that would be the single most important event in mankind. The horror of Christ’s death would be replaced by the eternal joy of His resurrection. Had the disciples known this, they would have realized that the hope found in Jesus transcends even death. Job understood this, although he may not have understood all of God’s dealings with him. He knew that not even death could conquer the hope that is found in Jesus. Even when things are at their bleakest, when it seems God is nowhere to be found, for those who hope in Him God will make the end of the matter far better than its beginning. May we take comfort in this truth and never lose our hope in Him.