Doubts / by daniel hamlin

In Genesis we are told that the Lord asked Abraham to leave his home and follow the Lord. Abraham was asked to do something that didn’t make sense.  He didn’t have a well thought out plan, or even a specific destination.  But he knew what the Lord had spoken to him, and he knew he needed to obey.  Sometimes the Lord asks us to do things that don’t make sense to us.  Those around us might think we’re foolish, but if the Lord has spoken, we need to obey at all costs.  Abraham’s life is full of examples of this kind of obedience.  He did not worry about every little detail; he simply obeyed God.  His obedience was based on his personal relationship with the Lord.  He had spent time with the Lord; he had seen how He was always faithful in every circumstance.  He trusted in the Lord, he trusted in who He had shown Himself to be.  So in those difficult times, he could confidently obey in full assurance that God would be faithful.

It’s easy to write this and say I need to have this kind of faith. But to be honest, it’s often hard to walk this kind of faith out. I know the Lord will always be faithful, He’s proven that to me time and time again. But for some reason whenever He asks me to do something in which He doesn’t give me all the details, I often find myself fighting doubts. I think doubts will always be there, but my desire is not to let doubts dictate my obedience because just as God always proved to be faithful in Abraham’s life, I know He will always prove to be faithful in our lives. 

Driving through the massive redwoods and evergreens in the Pacific Northwest I'm constantly reminded of how steadfast and faithful God is. So why do I doubt?