Doorway of Grace / by daniel hamlin

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about traveling on this book tour is the dialogue I get to have with people I meet along the way. At each stop I get to talk with people and pastors from all different denominations within the Christian church, and so far there seems to be a common desire that the church as a whole gets back to the basics of our faith. Rather than championing a political party, a social cause, or a denomination, there seems to be a longing that we as Christians would simply champion Jesus. There is tremendous freedom in the simplicity of friendship with Jesus. Instead of getting bogged down with religion and agendas, it allows us the opportunity to be genuine in our interaction with each other. Instead of being identified as a people group who are known for a certain political stance, I believe that love, transparency, and authenticity ought to be distinguishing characteristics of those who love Jesus. This isn’t to say that we should live by a standard lower than the standard that Jesus set for us, but I do believe there needs to be the realization that the standard of love that Jesus set is only reached through the doorway of grace, not the workload of merit.