Disappointment / by daniel hamlin

 Photo by:  Chris Burkard

Photo by: Chris Burkard

Disappointment can be hard to deal with. It often strikes us at our core. The thing we’ve hoped for, longed for, even prayed for doesn’t come to fruition and suddenly we are struck with the pains of disappointment. We wonder where God was in it all, we question if we heard Him correctly, and we struggle with what to do next in light of the disappointment. If you are human then you will most assuredly experience disappointment. But it doesn’t have to consume us; it doesn’t have to spiral us into despair.

Lately I’ve felt the Lord challenge me to be thankful in all circumstances, to be a glass half-full kind of guy. It’s not easy, that’s for sure. But the reality is that even in the direst circumstances I have something to be thankful for. This isn’t to minimize or trivialize anyone’s hardships, and I’m not trying to feign naivety at the reality of the pain that is out there. It’s more an attempt at living in the reality of the hope that is found in Jesus; that even on my worst day realizing God loves me and is with me in the midst of the trial. He is our comforter. Greater still is the fact that He is a good God with only good intentions and even though it might not seem like it in our present reality His purpose will be accomplished. We can trust His purpose is good because He is a good God. And when I’m tempted to doubt that fact I need only remember the cross.