A Cause or A Person / by daniel hamlin

One of the concepts I've felt the Lord impressing on me lately is the idea of being devoted to the person of Jesus and not simply to a cause. There is a lot of talk about the "cause of Christ" and I understand what people mean when they say that, so please don't be offended if you use that phrase. I'm not bashing anyone or trying to get into semantics, but I really do feel a great conviction that the world doesn't need more people devoted to the "cause of Christ," it needs people devoted to Christ Himself, to the person of Jesus. I don't want to be devoted to a cause. A cause didn't die for me; a cause didn't forgive my sin; a cause doesn't bless, protect, and comfort me. Only Jesus does that. When I'm devoted to the person of Jesus, I find it is much harder for me to get offended, particularly by different beliefs and lifestyles, because I'm not devoted to a lifestyle or a set of beliefs; I'm devoted to Jesus. I hope and pray I never forget that.