Solitude / by daniel hamlin

            It’s recorded throughout Scripture that Jesus would often withdraw Himself in order to get alone with God the Father. He recognized how essential it is for us to spend time alone with the only one who can bring peace and comfort to our souls. He understood the necessity to have times of undistracted communion with God. He showed us by His example that without these times alone with God no one can properly minister to the needs of men. It is during these times that we are rejuvenated spiritually and equipped for what lies ahead of us in life. It is also during these times that we learn to know God in an intimate way and relationship with Him becomes a communion, a union of two where intimacy is fostered and fed. We learn His voice and feel His presence. It’s during these times that we learn to discern what is and isn’t His voice. It’s also during these times that we learn to live for an audience of one. It is important that we learn to find our validation and self-worth from God alone. If we look to man for these things we will end up broken, hurt, and discouraged because man cannot provide for us that which only comes from God. We are of infinite value to God and when we get alone with Him we allow Him the chance to express His feelings about us to us directly. 

I'm extremely thankful for the times of solitude between stops on this trip.