About Daniel Hamlin

Yep, that's me cartwheeling down the face of that wave; sometimes things don't go as planned in surfing, or in life. I definitely didn't plan on tumbling down the face of that wave, and I definitely never planned for my life to go in the direction it has. I didn't learn how to read or write until I was eleven and I was in speech therapy until I was twelve, so writing and speaking weren't obvious choices for my life's path. But Jesus is funny like that.  He has the uncanny ability to take our greatest weaknesses and use them for His purposes if we will let Him. But it requires walking His path, not our own. I've found the utmost freedom, peace, and purpose in walking with Jesus and I hope others will as well. This doesn't mean I don't still do some cartwheeling through life at times, but I've become convinced that Jesus will always be there to help me back up when I do.

Daniel Hamlin is the author of When Oceans Rise: Scriptural Truths To Anchor The Soul and In His Presence: Thirty Contemplations from Walking with Jesus. He's a speaker, freelance journalist, and as a surfer he's appeared in a number of international publications, including Surfer and ESPN.com. He was born and raised on the Central Coast of California. 

Hamlin currently resides in Pismo Beach, California. He speaks at various ministries around the world and finds utmost joy in imparting Jesus’ purpose and hope to those he gets to share with.

Hamlin’s book When Oceans Rise is available through Barnes And Noble, Amazon, iTunes, and wherever books are sold.


"With a profound love for creation and the Creator, Daniel Hamlin is a surfer and author who has deep insight into the heart of God. He is a unique voice to this generation that is desperately searching for truth and meaning that can only be found in God.”

-Dr. Winfield Bevins

Director of Church Planting

Asbury Seminary

"There are certain people in my life that I love to be around because they have spent a lot of time with God. Daniel Hamlin is one of those friends. When Oceans Rise reminds me of the many meaningful conversations we have shared together. It is one thing to know about God, but there is a level of wisdom and insight that comes only from those like Dan who have experienced a long relationship with Jesus Christ."

-Bryan Jennings

Founder and Director of Walking On Water Ministries

"What a journey! As a surfer who follows Jesus, I found myself smiling as I read When Oceans Rise because I could relate to a lot of these stories. There are times we end up in the impact zone in life, but the best part about being in the impact zone with Jesus is that He always delivers you out of it with much more faith and blessings. That’s the fun and why we continue to paddle back out."


-CJ Hobgood

2001 World Champion of Surfing

Member of Surfing's Hall of Fame